Senior Fall Prevention — Tai Chi and Otago!

Here is a summary of the Son et al research study.

Methods: A randomized trial in which subjects were assigned to 1 of 2 groups:  the Tai Chi (TC) group (n =21; age, 72.8) which participated in a modified Sun-style TC exercise program; Otago group (n =24; age, 71.5) which participated in the Otago exercise program. . . . Read More!

Suzy Begay

Suzy Begay was worried. She had 2 falls this past week getting off the toilet and walking back to her room. What was she going to do?

Thankfully, the OT shared previous successes using the above safety sign. “I know I need to do better but I’m tired of waiting for help walking”. Motivational interviewing and stories of medical “bone fractures” increased her safety awareness. Suzy knew she was impulsive. She got excited when she got to pick out the colors for her wall sign. Being Native American, those colors had cultural significance to her Navajo tribe. She also wanted to highlight in yellow. . . . Read More!

Who is your point guard for senior fall prevention?

More than 30% of adults age 65 years and older in the United States fall annually. Who is your point guard for senior fall prevention? I propose it is the emergency department, based on the below research link. They can get the STEADI (Stopping Elderly Accidents, Death & Injuries) protocol started! It has proven itself for fall prevention with evidenced based research, is fun and easy to do! I’ve used it for 15 years and had great results when used with motivational interviewing. . . . Read More!

Wall Sign and the Rehab Team

George was greatly troubled. He had fallen 4 times in the first three days at Happy Valley Transitional Care! He so wanted to return home with his beloved wife Glenda and delightfully playful and affectionate yellow lab, Annie. . . . Read More!


Grandpa Joe threw a baseball across a sunny field to his grandson who’s also holding a pineapple popsicle that’s started dripping down his arm. He wakes up from his dream in bed. He’s in the hospital with a broken hip. How did this happen?

Here is how I implemented STEADI (Stopping Elderly Accidents, Death and Injury Protocol).  Joe fell and fractured his hip, and had subsequent total hip arthroplasty surgery. Using motivational interviewing, empathy and engaging him in being “Sherlock Holmes” with me, we started the process.  He was sitting in his recliner and had a sudden urge to urinate. He got up and. . . . Read More!

Medical Professionals’ Application, Stroke – Jim’s Story

Because of a stroke (Left CVA), Jim was sent to Valley View Rehab Center for 2 months including rehabilitation by Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy. Based on Tug (Timed up and Go balance Test), Modified Clinical Test of Sensory Integration in Balance (mCTSB), PT increased his walking balance from a Moderate Fall Risk to a Low Fall Risk. Occupational Therapy …

Activity/Therapeutic Recreation, Stroke – Jim’s Story

The initial assessment by the Activity Director, Marie, at Valley View Rehab discovered Jim’s love of history, that he was a WWII veteran, his affinity for playing cards (Rummy, Go Fish, Checkers), and his need for social interactions. Motivational Interviewing was key in revealing his strongest yearnings, which included returning home to his lovely wife, Gloria, and to experience more …

Senior’s & Their Caregivers, Stroke – Jim’s Story

Jim discharged home from Valley View Nursing Facility where he received skilled Rehab, including Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy two months for stroke recovery. When he initially arrived, he refused to get out of bed, even for meals. In therapy, they discovered he could still play Checkers in standing with the magnetic vertical checkerboard and adaptive Large Magnetic Checkers. His …

Mary’s Dementia Walker

STEADI coordinates well with the goals of value-based health care, better rehab outcomes, and decrease medical costs. Therefore, the quadruple aim is achieved. It has a multitude of evidenced based research. I’ve used STEADI successfully for 15 years. It is fun and easy to use! EXCITING TIMES!  October 2019 U.S. Senate Committee on Aging report: How is your state …