Diabetic Foot Ulcer — PREVENTION!

I have seen good patient outcomes when the whole Rehab team is involved in diabetic care. Daily lower leg and foot awareness and care along with supportive shoes can help to avoid falls and skin problems. Proper food choices, eating schedules, and symptoms of high and low blood sugar, as well as blood sugar testing, should be taught with Nursing and encouraged. A Rehab Diabetes Management RX can have better outcomes. PT, OT, and SLP (for cognition/safety) can greatly decrease re-hospitalizations. 

According to the ADA, treatment of diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs) along with associated infections, below-the-knee amputations, and surgeries to revascularize the lower limbs account for a significant portion of the costs incurred in the treatment of diabetes.

Sadly, utilization of primary prevention of these complications is spotty in most health care systems, and implementation of secondary prevention is often delayed in patients with DFUs.

Barshes looked at 1,000 repeated simulations of 100,000 hypothetical diabetes patients with no current or historical DFU, over a period of five years in 1-month intervals.

By applying costs of both primary and secondary preventive measures to all levels of risk-presenting patients (low to high), cost thresholds, at which at least 90% of SIMULATIONS demonstrated savings, were established.

The lack of programs designed to prevent/eliminate DFUs is troubling, in spite of the known impact these DFUs have on amputation requirements, increasing healthcare costs, and overall quality of life.

  • A clear cost-benefit can also be demonstrated, where utilizing relatively low-cost prevention can result in the avoidance of significantly costlier events.

See link for further details: http://www.diabetesincontrol.com/cost-effectiveness-of-preventing-diabetic-foot-ulcers/

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