Diabetic Management Handouts


This digital download includes the following PDF files (see photos below):

  • Yes/No Foods List (Color and Black & White)
  • Hyperglycemia and Hypoglycemia Charts
  • 2021 (August-December) and 2022 Diabetic Management Calendars
  • 2021 (August-December) and 2022 Blood Sugar Calendars
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Seniors often struggle with diabetes. Over the past ten years as an Occupational Therapist (OT) I’ve had good success with seniors using these five reference sheets with the medical team.
• Doctors and PCPs, you can use these with your diabetic patients.
• As a person with diabetes, you can use these to help manage your diabetes. Take them to your doctor/primary care physician for approval and revisions. Here’s to better health!

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Want easy and motivating tools to track the essentials in diabetic management? The yearly calendar and handouts can be hole-punched and kept in a ring binder. Your doctor/PCP can write a Diabetic Management Prescription for OT, PT and, Speech Therapy (for memory and safety). They work closely with the medical team. Use the calendar as follows:

  • Write blood sugars on the monthly sheet and jot a note on food you ate at the previous meal.
  • It is crucial to check your feet daily for potential wounds because of decreased sensation – neuropathy.
  • Discuss supportive footwear with therapy and make a referral to a podiatrist if needed.
  • Dry skin with the potential for wounds needs to be prevented, hence “apply cream.”
  • Exercise: PT and OT can provide custom handouts. Get that blood pumping!

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Hypoglycemia Handout

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Hyperglycemic (High Blood Sugar) and Hypoglycemic (Low Blood Sugar) Handouts

Learn the symptoms of hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) and hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) with these useful reference sheets. Use them to coordinate care with your medical team.


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Food Charts

Food Chart of Green/Red/Yellow: Build on these basic foods for healthy eating with your Doctor/PCP and Dietician. You may highlight or circle your favorites or create a separate chart listing what you liked in the green and yellow columns. For your health, please avoid the foods in the red column.

Work with your medical team to adapt your favorite recipes to low-carb substitutes!